Gabi Lopes

She has a 14-year career as an actress and TV host.

Throughout her life she has appeared in several television series: Entre Teens on MTV Brazil, Julie e Os Fantasmas in Band TV and Nickelodeon, Segredos Médicos in Multishow TV channel, Na Mira do Crime on FOX, FX and Record TV Channels, Casos de Ocorrência also in Multishow along with Rafinha Bastos and the Globo Lab prize winning series “Saideira” of Rede Globo as Carolina.

She was part of the cast of the 22nd season of Malhação Sonhos at Rede Globo, as the homosexual fighter Pri. Her film career began at age 12, giving life to Maria, the blind main character of the short film “Por um Sopro de Vida”. Soon after came “Os Castelos Não São Eternos”, “Eu e Meu Guarda Chuva” and “Casa dos Sonhos Esquecideos”. The series “Na Mira do Crime” won a film version shown on FOX, FX and Rede Record. In 2016, she participated in the short film “Free Way” in Los Angeles and, returning to Brazil, she filmed three more films “Vende-se Ilusões”, “Solteira Quase Surtando” and played Fabi in “Internet, The Movie”, in March 2017. In the great success “O Último Virgem”, Gabi played Bia, the rebellious teenager of the graduating class. She went through courses and workshops in acting for TV, theater and cinema in schools like Edu Rodrigues, Recriarte, Studio Fátima Toledo and Wolf Maya. She began her career as an actress in advertising, conducting commercials and campaigns for various brands. She performed at the Ruth Escobar Theater in 2005 with “Parece Mais Não É” and “Babel”, both directed by Edu Rodrigues. In TV, she premiered in 2006, when she presented the Children’s Day special of the Hebe Camargo TV show, next to the famous presenter of SBT TV channel.

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